Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Aina Raihah

I was crying in my room. That was ever my first time being away from my home. My university life began when i enroll in KUPTM. I was away from my beloved family and i am a cry baby.
Aina Raihah was the first friend that i met, I staying in 2 person room while her stuck in 4 person room but not for so long she moved in.

She the oldest in her family, she may be childish but she indeed a very wise person. Her parent are both teacher so in order to pursue her ambition and continue her parent legacy, she enroll TESL. 
I always have a high hope on her, yeap I guess she is special in my life. A person that i want my daughter and my son to know, because she s my human diary and my bestfriend.

She claims that she loves reading but........she's slowly loving it. 

Dear Aina,
Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for alway being there for me especially when im mad. And i will always thank you for what you did, altho at that moment i was mad. but as you say that i will thankful of you, and yes I did. Happy Birthday Aina !!!!

Thank you for asking me to eat when i crying alone in my room (homesick)
Thank you for allow me use ur mascara.
Thank you for giving me mask.
Thank you for always being my maggie mate & milo mate.
Thank you for always honest and help me in wise decision.
Thank you for always being an example for me. 

I hope you will always cherish your life and bless by your parents and Allah SWT.
I will always pray for you :)

On you special day, special month. Please be happy :)

I love you.

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